I found Kirsten Hale – aka. The Crazy Herbalist – ‘s resources page, which she made because she found Jim Mcdonald’s resources page, and I’m just jumping on the bandwagon.

So here’s some of the stuff that’s helped me, I hope you get as much out of it as I have 🙂


The basics on Mercury retrograde

The Pele Report Kaypacha’s dazzling weekly astrology report. Look for the most recently dated video.

The archetypes of the zodiac  (a bit clunky, but some nice information)

Self inquiry, triggers, trauma, etc.

Using projection to understand yourself and others

Triggers & Trauminos: Let’s Knock Down Some Shit I love this article, she talks at great length and with great depth about the physical and psychological processes involved in traumatic flashbacks. Sassy and intelligent.

What a shaman sees in a mental hospital An alternative perspective on mental health.

Sitting with feelings of depression


The love serve remember foundation. Check out the podcasts. This is a collection of mainly Ram Dass’ teachings. He was a pioneering member of the LSD movement in the sixties.

Relationship and sexuality

How to connect with someone Wow.

Non-violent communication – the four steps

Why listening to our sexual kinks is beneficial for our mental health

What is REAL Love?

Healthy relationship habits most people think are toxic

I asked a stranger these 36 questions to see if we’d fall in love, and we did!

15 conscious choices to cultivate the relationship you want from day one

How 15 year old girls are dealing with porn addicted boys

Here are two different articles, both of which explore and challenge traditional ideas about intimacy and monogamous relationship:

I’m a straight guy, here’s why I had a threesome with my best male friend

Why my husband and I sometimes have sex with other people


Reclaiming menstruation with the four elements

Why I had myself photographed with menstrual blood on my nude body

Period, the great resistance

A beautiful article about ancient menstrual practices:

Reviving the ancient sisterhood

Career / Business

The creative polygamist. Or why I have no time for a 1D world.  Great advice on being multi-talented and balancing different creative interests

How to turn your art in business


Thomas H Greco wrote ‘The End of Money’ and he ran a workshop at Kalikalos, in Greece. He’s a brilliant thinker (and a great cook). Here’s his website.

Matthew Slater co-created the online course I’m studying, he also created Community Forge, which distributes free and open source software to manage LETS (Local Exchange Trading Systems). Here’s his website.


5 sleep secrets parents need for peaceful nights

hand in hand parenting – an online support network for parents. Their vision is “a world of warm, loving families where parents are well supported and responsive to the needs, fears, hopes and dreams of their children”

Social Justice, world stuff.

Why saying aboriginal isn’t OK: 8 facts about indigenous people in Australia


Charles’s Eisenstein’s brilliant podcast interview with Rex Brangwyn about sexuality, being male, and rites of intiation.

Chris Grosso interviews Sera Beak about sexuality, being female, being spiritual and facing our demons.



Red Hot and Holy by Sera Beak. Sassy and divinely feminine. Both accessible and unorthodox.

Birthrites by Jackie Singer. Kind and powerful, a book which gives support and instruction for various stages of female life – focusing on fertility, birth and beyond. She also talks beautifully about infertility and other female issues.

Liberating Love a collection of accounts from the communities of Zegg and Tamera. An exploration into ‘free love’, or ‘polyamory’ or whatever else you want to call it. It changed my perspective. On a similar note…

Eros Unredeemed by Dieter Duhm. The power of sexuality. Changing views on sexual love. Freedom.

The Yoga of Eating by Charles Eisenstein. Not a set of practices or a book of principles. Precisely the opposite – how to transcend dogma and become more conscious, more realistic and self-loving by understanding food. Realise that you already know, another liberator.

The End of Money and the future of civilisation. By Thomas Greco. Very empowering. And very simply and clearly written, busts the myth the money is difficult to understand.



Readings in Classical Chinese Philosophy. Contains much of Confucius’ analects, Laozi, Zhuangzu (both Taoist poets / philosophers) and some contrasting authors from the Classical period of Chinese history.

Abre La Puerta by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

A Hopi Elder Speaks


My stuff!!

Photography: My photoblog

Writings: My other blog (I’m working on integrating it with this one, bear with me)

I write about my emotions, things that have triggered me, how I’m dealing with it, etc. The process of writing is extraordinarily therapeutic for me so that’s mainly why I do it. I also think there is great power in reading someone else’s story.

Poems: To share myself with youI am all of itdon’t hide your sadness away



LEXY MAKES THINGS. Really funky.

Here is some beautiful arty stuff!


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